Things I'm Working On

Random Pokémon Generator (Javascript, jQuery, Flask, Python)
A little app that with randomly generate a new pokémon usingLambdal's Text-to-pokemonAI generator API.

YouTube Video Grabber (Javascript, jQuery, YouTube Analytics API) - GitHub
A tool for grabbing any number of your YouTube video views per video (well, up to 600,000 videos per month) for any specified date range using YouTube's analytics API.

Cat Or Pizza (Rails, ProsgreSQL, Heroku)
I'm gathering data on an image database if a given image more repesents the concept "cat" or "pizza." Here is a google colab page with with training data gleaned from it. It can identify pizza relatively accurately. It's less good at identifying cats. This is largely a silly personal project so I can teach teach myself AI programming, and (to a lesser exent) Ruby on Rails.

Burns' Depression Test(Javascript, jQuery) -
A digitized version of David D. Burns' depression quiz found in his book Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy. Which is the industry leading text on Cognative Behavioral Therapy. The book asks readers to take the test regularly and keep track of the results. Rather than making photocopies of the quiz included in the book, I made a digital version which scores itself for you.

Pickle Check(Python, Flask, Ajax, jQuery, Heroku)
This just tests whether or not you type "pickle." Mainly, this is setup to test my flask api hosted on heroku.

Open Legend Mount Creator(Javascript, jQuery)
A little app for creating mounts in the table-top RPG Open Legend.